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In recent years podcasting has become a progressive medium that gives voice to independent journalism. Podcasters can use a few resources—a laptop and a smartphone with a built-in microphone—so many creators and news organizations can afford it.


Podcasting allows for a closer relationship with the audience and contributes to new revenue streams as listener donations or advertising etc.


The podcast format is very trust-oriented, making the connection with your audience stronger. 


Immerse participants into an international media context through communication with podcast media professionals and among themselves. Become a neutral space where open discourse on new journalistic formats can take place.

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Simon Adler

Senior Producer, WNYC's Radiolab (USA)


Dmytro Palchykov

head of audio, The Ukrainians Media (Ukraine)


Matěj Schneider

chief of the foreign desk at A2larm (Czechia)

Jakub Alejski photo.jpf

Jakub Alejski

Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań (Poland)


Jenna Weiss-Berman

podcast producer and co-founder of Pineapple Street Media (USA)


Marharyta Tulup

freelancer, Vsudy Liudy podcast (Ukraine)

Jan Skorupa_edited_edited.jpg

Jan Skorupa

sound designer, Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Center (Poland)


Kyrylo Beskorovayny

co-founder Kunsht media (Ukraine)


Krister Moltzen

Third ear podcast (Denmark)


Martin Maška

Creative Manager, European Dialogue (Slovakia)


Daria Kuziava

co-founder Kunsht media (Ukraine)


Fedir Popadiuk

Podcast producer,

Ukrainska Pravda (Ukraine)



youth coordinator, D2 Youth Center (Hungary)


ongoing, few spaces left


letters of selection







That's an excellent digital festival. Tell me, how many people will participate?

We want to make our festival a genuinely international event; therefore, we have slots for up to 30 participants from the following countries: Ukraine, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Poland, and Slovakia. 150 participants total!


Can I apply if I am not from the counties mentioned above? 

Yes, you can. But since the project focuses on the V4 countries + Ukraine, we will prioritise participants who live in or are of the nationality of the countries mentioned above. 


In what language will the festival be?

We will hold all workshops, lectures, and pieces of training in English. But all the participants from other countries will be happy if you teach us some words in your mother tongue. 


It sounds like a tremendous multi-nation collaboration. But that's an online thing, yeah? 

Yes. We will use digital tools like Zoom for our festival. But we also prepared some surprises for you, like a digital party, so be prepared to discover some new digital spaces! We will hold all of the meetings in the evenings, so don't worry if you have to work during the day. You will most certainly be able to make it!


Sounds good. Will there be only theory or practice as well?

We have prepared some workshops for you, so it's not all theory! 

But it's not a school so that we won't assign you any homework. It's up to you if you want to practice or listen. Some of the meetings will be hard to watch while multitasking because we will interact and talk and discuss. Be ready for it!


Ok. How much does participating in the "Play it by Ear" workshop cost?

Participation is free. We select 30 participants from each of the V4 countries + Ukraine. The application form is easy-peasy (takes 5-7 minutes tops). We want to know you better and understand that you are motivated enough not to sleep on our events. 


One more question. Do I need any equipment?

Just your laptop or computer is enough. We will tell you the rest during our events, but don't worry; you will be able to download everything you need for free (or as a trial version).


Do I need to have experience and knowledge? Do I need to have a podcast to participate?

You might have a podcast, or you might have an idea of the podcast. But it is not obligatory. You might be interested in creating one, and it's excellent with us. There will be sessions for different "levels" of experience in podcasting. If you are a pro, you can skip some basic stuff. If you are starting, you might want to avoid some challenging discussions. But don't worry, we will mark all the events with the difficulty level, like the rides in Disneyworld. So you don't go on the red one if you are not ready for it.


Will you record the events?

Yes, but they will be available only for participants.


Can I skip events? Will I be disqualified?

You can, but we encourage you to participate in as many events as you can. 

Yes, you can miss one lecture from your level. We will send you recorded audio. 


Will we be able to pitch our ideas?

Yes, we will have a demo day, and you will be able to pitch your podcasting ideas. The three best ideas will get small stipends for the launch. All of the pitches will get feedback from experienced podcasters. 


Any questions left?

Please, don't hesitate to contact us at


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The project is co-financed by the Governments of Czechia, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia through Visegrad Grants from International Visegrad Fund. The mission of the fund is to advance ideas for sustainable regional cooperation in Central Europe.

Informational partners



"Play It By Ear" is International Digital Podcasting Festival. We will launch a series of lectures, workshops, and pitching sessions for independent journalists and bloggers in Ukraine, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic. Our goal is to build up an international podcast community and immerse participants into a global media context through communication with podcast media professionals. Do you have a podcast already, or are you just dreaming of launching one? We have prepared an exciting event for both of you. So join us, and let's play it by ear!




Find your voice: browsing for ideas and niches. How can we tell better stories? 


Frind your groove: recording and sounding audio drama based on a sound walk, field recording, ASMR, binaural 3d sound, and sound design techniques. 


Ice-breaking digital party.


Find your style: How might we create better visuals for your podcast art and promotion?


Find your sources: How to do fact-check and cover stories on complex subjects; overview of the journalistic standards?


Find your innovativeness: what new approaches to podcasting are on the frontier? 


Podcast gear workshop. How to assemble the best studio online, offline, and on the go? (Starting from zero budget)


Scriptwriting workshop. How to better create scripts and production plans for interactive storytelling that presents scientific knowledge and research strategies on social change and crises?


Interviewing workshop. How can we get a great tape? How might we better interview for a narrative? 


Panel discussion: future of podcasting


Panel discussion: steal like an artist (what we love and hate in podcasts of others) 


Pitching demo day and award of 3 stipends

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